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Some Morrowind mods

Since the mods, however few in number, were beginning to dominate the main page, I moved them to their own page. All were made in either a Morrowind-only or a Morrowind GotY installation with the latest patches applied and the Better Heads and Better Bodies mods.

It's Paralysis!
Replaces "paralyzation" with the much less awkward-sounding "paralysis".
Skill-training progress
Adds a Progress Notebook (available for free from trainers) which, if you read it, pops up messages about how many points you gained in each skill, and how much that will raise your attributes if you level up.
Looks Good Naked After downloading and installing Princess Stomper's Naked Nerevarine plugin, where the player character, once having achieved Nerevarine status, is treated with more respect when undressed, it bothered me that although the dialogue had changed, the soundbytes played when the player passes NPCs are still the old disgusted ones. This mod replaces those soundbytes, as well as the greetings, with more appreciative ones if the player's Personality stat is high enough. Perfect for striking up conversations with hostile NPCs like Hrordis.
Standard slave face replacer: give ten non-beast slaves a new face, from Emma's face packs (see readme). Morrowind-only, Better Heads recommended.
NoLore for Bloodmoon This adds the condition "Not Nolore=0" to general topics in Bloodmoon dialogue, so they will no longer show up for companion NPCs with the "nolore" variable defined. The condition is only added for non-class, non-faction dialogue, so you may still get some if your companion belongs to the Skaal, for instance.
NoLore for Tribunal This adds the condition "Not Nolore=0" to general topics in Tribunal dialogue, so they will no longer show up for companion NPCs with the "nolore" variable defined. The condition is only added for non-class, non-faction dialogue, so you may still get some if your companion has, say, the Guard class.
Odds And Ends Morrowind-only: fixed small stuff, changed some Telvanni and Morag Tong quests. See readme for details. Made to work with ErrandsForOrvas. (Updated 26-08-2014 to fix small script errors and add kiss sound for Nels Llendo. And on 12-10-2014 to move the affected scripts to the ESM.)
Errands for Orvas Errands for Orvas: Run some errands for Orvas Dren, a kind, caring individual, and become an honourary member of the Camonna Tong. Works with Morrowind only. See included text files for details. (Updated 01-02-2010: changed a ring so that both rings can be bought in Caldera.) (Updated again 13-01-2011 to make it compatible with a complementary plugin, made some small corrections, Ahnassi now also works with female characters (how else can you use your Camonna Tong influence to protect her?) and Banor Seran will give you Cyrodiilic brandy without protest.) (Updated AGAIN 26-08-2014 to fix small script errors. And on 12-10-2014 to move the affected script to the ESM.)
Take off/Put on A plugin for Tribunal and upwards to make smiths, merchants etc. take off anything you don't want them to wear (like that helmet you just sold them) and put on anything you regret telling them to take off. (Updated 13-01-2011: now using GetArmortype to remove only what armour is actually worn.)
Dialogue replacements Dialogue dumpfiles from other modders' companion mods to make them work with CompanionSubjects.esm, see explanation. This explanation is also included in the zipfile. (Updated 01-02-2010 to correct the reverse-order import problem. The Agony&Rapture text was missing a topic: updated 23-02-2010.) (Updated again 13-10-2010 to correct a typo in the Kimu text.)
Drinks at Desele's Isn't it annoying that Helviane Desele runs a pub, yet she can't sell drink because she's the wrong class? With this added dialogue, she can, and so can Khinjarsi. Includes CompanionSubjects.esm. Only Morrowind required. (Updated 23-01-2010: GMSTs removed from CompanionSubjects.esm, and again on 23-02-2010 to correct a tiny error. And AGAIN on 12-10-2014: re-saved not because of changes, but to stop the warning messages about one file being older than the other.)
Poor Fargoth Did you betray Fargoth by turning his hidden treasure over to Hrisskar? This plugin will let you make amends. Morrowind version, and Tribunal version to take advantage of the Tribunal startscript feature. (Updated 01-09-2009: Y coordinate corrected. Again updated 12-10-2014 to fix a dialogue niggle concerning his ring.) Note: this plugin may not cooperate well with mods that influence the PC character generation, like SkipTutorial and ComprehensiveChargen. Make sure to get your duties assigned by the captain at Seyda Neen before talking to Fargoth.
Coordinates, please A Morrowind-only plugin to ask NPCs for their current coordinates, uses a modified version of the Nolore-script to add its topic. (The GOTY version uses its own start script instead.) (Updated 01-09-2009: angle corrected, cellname included.)

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