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As the title implies, this page is for miscellaneous, mostly anime-related stuff that needed to go somewhere. It's also a good excuse to use the "Floppy" logo, since this is a depiction of the kind of snuggly horror inserted into children's anime shows.

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Anime reviews:

These are writeups from the all-weekend animethons organized every so often by some very dedicated Dutch anime fans, giving an impression of all the anime I managed to catch while still more or less awake. As the titles show, the first three were originally cc'd to Gatch fans (hence the chatty tone and emoticons). Some corrections have been made, and footnotes provided for relevant information I discovered later about the series and films reviewed. Spoilers included. (NB. there were some rewrites of paragraphs that were total nonsense, but I think the reviews still show a progression from total anime newbie to not totally anime newbie.)

It bears repeating that the sometimes stiff criticism of the anime shown is not meant to disparage the organizers of these animethons! Their aim is to show what's being watched in Japan, and as I've said in the third writeup, it so happens that the Japanese do watch crap. Tastes differ, and when I dislike a show, I may still enjoy gag comics parodying it. In all, the time spent watching any anime is never completely wasted.

Game addictions

Not big enough for a separate webpage, but will fit nicely in here: info and opinions on games that have been played into the small hours. The most addictive game of all, The Sims, does have its own page, accessible via the button on the right-hand side.

Adventure games - funny stories with riddles RPGs - D&D meets computer BL games - girl games for grownups (better read this first)
Text adventures - In the beginning, there was the Word Zork
More text adventures
Links for text adventures
Point-and-click - The next phase
Sierra: the Quests
Simon the Sorceror (placeholder)
The Discworld games (placeholder)
The Monkey Island games (placeholder)
The Myst games (placeholder)
Links for point-and-click adventures
Lands of Lore
Links for Nethack and roguelikes
Morrowind modding - some newbie discoveries
Some Morrowind mods
Using OpenMW
Links for Morrowind
Fragrance Tale
the Fragrance Tale CDs - synopses of Everlasting note and Naoverie II
Attempt at a FT capture guide
Zettai Fukuju Meirei
Devil Prince Capriccio
Links for BL games
Puzzle games Simulation games Biofeedback games
Pipe games
Fish Fillets
Oberon Media games
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Dogz and Catz (placeholder)
Space Colony
Space Colony quirks
A Space Colony campaign walkthrough
Singles: Flirt up your life (placeholder)
Minetest (placeholder)
Links for sims
Wild Divine I and II
Links for biofeedback games


Emphatically not how-to's, as everyone has their own way of doing these things, but possibly helpful to someone.

Simania's Miscellaneous page starts with a sort of how-I on making seamless Sim wallpaper using a prepared, colour-reduced image and a QuickBasic script.

Some anime humour

"Some" is right: there's not much of it, and it will only be added to when I have a giggle moment. Up so far:

Wolf's Rain:

Fragrance Tale (a BL game):


These are to express appreciation - or not - for a miscellany of things that I've come across but can't say enough about to give them their own page.

Music reviews

Hardware reviews - "Nobody Knows the Lemons I've Bought"

Homegrown - Info on whatever I manage to grow.


Called into existence when a government pamphlet so nearly provoked me to the kind of terrorism it claimed to be protecting me against, that I thought: the buck stops here, I'm going to say something about this.

Old rants - retrieved from backups.

The Dutch - obviously, rants only.

This world I live in - does it sound as if there'll be anything but rants?