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This page is intended as a collection of all the URLs scattered over the different pages (except for some link-intensive pages, see bottom of this page) and a home for the MS-DOS, KiSS and Gatchaman links lists.

It is also a mess as it will be overhauled in the months to come! Whoops! Watch your step and mind your head!

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KiSS links

DOS Page links

Game URLs:
(See also under DOS page URLS.)

Text adventures:

Point-and-click adventures:

Nethack and roguelikes:
  • NetHack Wiki
    More likely to be kept updated than the Nethack links below. Also has info on other variants.
  • The SlashEm Homepage
    As well as hosting the slashem core, this page links to the Nethack Homepage and many pages of information, spoilers and humour. As the page is quite old, a number of links are broken.
  • Ali's Nethack Page
    This is also a list of informative pages and links to other informative pages and, not to forget, spoofs and cartoons of the game. It's the starting point I used for collecting spoiler files. "SLASH'EM" goes to the SLASH'EM page, "Miscellaneous" has links to tilesets.
  • Yet Another Nethack Page
    Go here for a collection of spoiler files.
  • Dark Arts Studio
    The GitHub site is gone and the Dark Arts site is back up. This is the site of the of Clive Crous, maker of the "Vulture's" interfaces. Vulture's Eye and Vulture's Claw are being merged into a new interface that will also work with other nethack variants, and will have added graphics. The old binaries are up again, as is the new source code.
  • The RLTiles
    A public domain tileset for rogue-like games. Linked to from Ali's page, but the URL has changed, so I added a separate link for it.
  • Hacking NetHack: The Game's Best Addons and Plugins! | Maximum PC
    A magazine article, so it might not be up forever, showing the different graphical interfaces available.
  • Let's Play Nethack - Index
    So how does one play Nethack? Here is an example with screencaps showing the original ASCII interface.
  • My Nethack YAAP
    Another example of how to play the game, in the form of a jocularly written account of one long-time player's ascension.
  • PlanetFargo Presents: Spyke Johnson: Ascii Archaeologist(And his little dog, Chun Li)
    An extremely whimsical account, with text balloons added. The site is gone, the link points to a snapshot in the Wayback Machine.
  • Maniac's Ascension Guide (3.4.2)
    Helpful tips for not just playing the game, but trying to win.
  • Roland van Ipenburg's Nethack Tourist Guide
    Specific instructions for playing as a Tourist.
  • It is not so easy to open this tin.
    An alternate game, What Fools These Mortals: play as your patron deity.
  • Which Nethack Monster Are You?
    More humour, in the form of a quiz.
  • The Lighter Side of
    Humorous posts, archived. A must-read when having died YASD (Yet Another Stupid Death).
  • Slash'EM Extended - NetHack Wiki
    If SLASH'EM wasn't enough, here's a new variant with even more features.
  • Dungeondweller
    A site that tries to list and provide links for all "roguelikes" both abandoned and actively maintained; many dead links, of course, but still a valuable resource.
  • RogueBasin
    According to the notice on its main page, much of the content of Dungeondweller was moved to this wiki.
  • A Guide to the Dungeons of Doom
    A manual and game explanation for Rogue.
  • Miscellaneous Text Files: GAME SOLUTION: Rogue
    A "walkthrough" for Rogue, inadvertently recommending "scumsaving". From this link, it's possible to browse real walkthroughs for, as far as I can see, text games only (Rogue being the exception) including King's Quest III.
  • Necklace of the Eye
    A graphical front end used with the game Hydra Slayer, but intended for any terminal-based roguelike, including Rogue.
  • Crawl Wiki
    Quote: "This is a community-edited encyclopedia for the open source roguelike game Dungeon Crawl, focusing on the actively developed Stone Soup branch."

Morrowind and other Elder Scrolls games:
  • The Elder Scrolls
    Bethesda's official Elder Scrolls site with patches for and information about all games, and official Morrowind plugins. There used to be a freebie download of Arena, the first game in the Elder Scrolls series, Morrowind being the third; but since Bethesda is now at the fifth game and has both redesigned the site and published several collections that include both Arena and a patched Morrowind plus Tribunal and Bloodmoon, I can no longer find either the patches or the Arena download. The plugins are not under "Downloads" but under "Expansions".
  • The Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages: Morrowind
    A fan wiki about Morrowind and its many characters, with screenshots. Check the entry on Hisin Deep-Raed. (Or don't; since the Morrowind Overhaul Project, the funny caption has gone.) Also has links to some vital mods, like Better Bodies.
  • Psychodog Studios: Better Bodies (on Morrowind Modding History)
    The place to pick up Better Bodies V2.2, to replace those ugly wooden-doll bodies with more realistic ones. The Psychodog site has gone, the mod is preserved on TESNexus and Morrowind Modding History.
  • Sabregirl's Morrowind Mods
    This is the site for people who love beast races and especially custom beast races. Here I downloaded Better Bodies for Beasts, which is not in the Better Bodies package.
  • LizTail's mods (LizTail Studios has gone)
    On its Projects page, this site had an alternative to Better Bodies for Beasts: New Beast Bodies and the Unique Shadow Pack. These have changed textures as well as meshes. These mods have since been reuploaded on Morrowind Modding History along with improved BB meshes and other things.
  • TESNexus (replaces Planet Elder Scrolls):
    Has many mods. You have to register to download any file over 2MB. Fortunately, the Portrait of Crassius Curio (painted by a Russian artist, then processed into a mod) is under the size limit.
  • Morrowind Modding History (replacing the vanished Elric Melnibone and the Elder Scrolls Web Portal):
    Doesn't need registration. As the name suggests, it's dedicated to preserving the mods of disappearing webpages. And although I designate it a replacement of the Elric M. page for its friendly download policy (no superfluous "download managers" or compulsory registrations), many mods on it were rescued from Planet Elder Scrolls.
  • Emma's Elder Scrolls Site
    Companion mods! Beautiful face packs and her own NPC Replacer to give NPCs unique faces using these packs. Also mods from Kateri (Ashlander companion Julan), Grumpy (author of the customizable companion script), Vorwoda (Decius and Hippolyta) and others, and the joint project "Children of Morrowind". Little Orcs, cute!
  • Telesphoros' List o'Mods
    Only one of the pages listing Morrowind mods, but very extensive and well organized. A good place to find out about all the mods out there. My only beef is that it links to downloads on Planet Elder Scrolls (all of which links are now dead), so I have to Google to see if a particular mod is downloadable elsewhere.
  • BTB's Morrowind Mod List
    Not as extensive as the one before it, but starts with some must-have mods. Focused on replacements and fixes. I love the way this page is written. And now that Unforgotten Realms - Gorg's Morrowind Mods is gone, this is the only site in my links list that points to the place to find Better Heads - on the Planet Elder Scrolls site. Which is now also gone. In fact, the links on this page may be considered dead, but I'm keeping it for its information.
  • - Unofficial Czech fansite
    Let's just hope I translated that right! Mostly in Czech, but with some quirky plugins like "Daughters of Almilia" and "Creeper's Pad". This is where I found the "strip" plugins with which I hoped to counteract merchants' habit of donning sold armour. They didn't work, but they did give me the info needed to write my own plugin to accomplish this.
  • The Elder Scrolls - Television Tropes and Idioms
    What recurring themes ("tropes") can be found in the Elder Scrolls games.
  • Tommy Khajiit's hideout
    Of course this site has been around for a long time, but I noticed it just recently for its "make-your-own" kits, to make your own custom paintings and wall hangings. Hmm. Just like the Sims. Lore-breaking anime images, here I come. It also has some useful guides, and a link to the list below. Update: it went down in 2012; the link is from the Wayback Machine, and the downloads don't work, as they were hosted on another site that went down, but this preserved copy of the site may help to find them elsewhere.
  • Modding on a $0 budget
    A list of freeware that can be used to make Morrowind mods, mostly paint and 3D modelling.
  • Morrowind-Oblivion
    This appears to be a more recent page. It has maps, mods and tools.
  • Sorcha Ravenlock's Morrowind
    This link is included for the porcelain white and blue retextures of Morrowind architecture. The download buttons point to the now defunct Elric Melnibone and the Elder Scrolls Web Portal site, but I'm sure they can be found on mod collection sites that are still up.
  • Elder Scrolls
    Mods for Morrowind and Oblivion; home of the portable bedroll.
  • The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Downloads
    Information/download site for Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim. Has some Morrowind mods.
  • OpenMW
    An open-source game engine that aims to replace Morrowind.exe so that owners of a Morrowind CD can play its game contents on Windows, Linux and (Intel-)Mac, with no Steam account or CD in the drive. A work in progress.

These are BL game links, so for 18 and up:
  • Yaoi Games - an English/Russian site (native language: Russian) with galleries for most BL games (to prove my boast that BL art is generally gorgeous) and some game info; however, loads slowly. If the English links don't work, try the Russian ones.
  • Takuyo - the site of the company that made Fragrance Tale.
  • Langmaor - the site of the company behind Enzai, Zettai Fukuju Meirei and other titles.
  • Boy's Love Games headquarters - an extremely informative English site on BL games, with reviews and a helpful links section.
  • Prince of Darkness - once a Japanese Fragrance Tale fansite with fanart and comics, now only has a walkthrough. The other fansite listed here, 75 RPM, has disappeared.
  • ?????? - a ZFM fanpage in Japanese, with descriptions of all characters and a walkthrough. The options have been reordered to show the quickest route to success, so to use it, either have Japanese fonts installed to be able to match the options shown in the walkthrough to those in the screen, or - as I did - pull the page through a web translator and make intelligent guesses which option is being shown when.

Puzzle games:
  • Clickomania!
    The site of the SameGame clone for Windows, Clickomania.
  • PipeWalker HomePage
    This page has the latest version of PipeWalker's source code, and the binaries for Windows. (Older versions for Linux can be installed from repositories.)
  • Mathematical Puzzles
    A small site of puzzle games where I found Boxworld under "Sokoban-like games".
  • I-play
    The new way to get Oberon Media games. Previously called Acer Gamezone; automatically reroutes the old site link to the new site. It looks like a carbon copy of Casual games (formerly Oberon Media) which has now merged with it, leaving only this site.
  • Games voor
    Yet another way to get Oberon Media games, especially in the Netherlands. Warning: they're translated in Dutch and the translations may suck. Their games are for download or sold in shops; in the latter case, installing a game means demo games are installed alongside it (as with Break For Games, see above).
  • Big Fish Games
    A site for older Oberon Media games that the main site no longer carries. See also GameHouse below.
  • SpinTop Games
    The site of one of the game-making companies, now working with Big Fish Games.
  • Denda Games
    A possibly new Dutch site with translated Oberon Media games, selling downloads from the site or games on CD via shops, the latter with a pleasantly clutter-free install. They also sell The Sims III and IV, and have game sections for PC, console and Android.
  • GameHouse
    A way to get older games, see also Big Fish Games above. It is possible to buy games through the FunPlus membership (play all games online without restrictions, one free game a month), or with just the free account. It has most of the old games that CasualGames dropped, plus really vintage titles like the original Luxor and TradeWinds games, although searching the site also brings up titles that are no longer offered. The site regularly has discounts and "free game of the day" offers which, of course, are expired by the time I see them. Not only does it have the oldest and newest PC games, it also has games for Mac (not sure which OS/version) and makes special mention of games that work with Windows 8 touchscreens.

  • Firefly Studios
    Main site of the game company that made Space Colony, although their other games are mostly in a medieval setting.
    The most thorough fansite I could find. Descriptions, tips, walkthroughs, links (most of them, sadly, dead) and a PDF on how to use the campaign editor.

Biofeedback games:
  • Wild Divine: The Art & Science of Balanced Living
    Makers of Journey to the Wild Divine, they no longer carry the original games, but have combined them into an updated new game. They also sell biofeedback relaxation courses, and have a forum and online world.
  • Four Fat Chicks - The Journey to the Wild Divine Review
    A better, more thorough review of both Wild Divine games.
  • The No BS guide to Wild divine and Wisdom Quest
    Another good review.
  • Emotiv
    This site used to have a demo app requiring a different biofeedback device, the Emotiv EPOC consumer headset. Now it just shows under Application Showcase, button: Games (scroll way down) that you can use it to play World of Warcraft.
  • NeuroSky - Brainwave Sensors for Every Body
    NeuroSky makes biofeedback devices and also sells games for them. The games are more of the casual puzzle type than the "mystic experience" games of Wild Divine and Emotiv. (I haven't bought or tried these.)
  • Institute of HeartMath
    Site of the emWave2 and HeartMath Sensor, two devices for people who just want biofeedback without a game. (Link included for relevance, I have no personal experience with either.)
  • BCInet - Redefining human interaction
    This company doesn't make games, but does make brainwave sensors intended for a wide range of purposes, including the playing of games (and not the meditative type, either). I found this link while looking for information on OCZ's NIA (Neural Impulse Actuator) Game Controller.

Hardware URLs:

Software URLs:

Linux and other distro pages:
  • Puppy Linux
    The main page for the compact, adaptable Puppy Linux and its derivatives.
  • Smokey01 - Supporting Puppy Linux
    My reason for listing this site is the list of Puppy derivative ISO files, including versions of Puppeee (no longer updated).
  • Salix - Linux for the lazy Slacker
    A lightweight, optionally live-from-USB distro that looks promising for the Asus eee PC, still maintained.
  • ZenWalk Linux
    A wonderfully light Slackware derivative, suitable even for old Pentium computers, that doesn't seem to install too well to the Asus eee PC. There was a special version of it called ZenEee or Zeee, but the link to it is dead.
  • Webconverger - Opensource Web Kiosk PC Operating System
    Its own description: "Leading Linux-based Web kiosk and Digital Signage software for public spaces. Free 7 day trial." Here is the direct URL for a download link and instructions to get it onto USB.
  • MiniNo
    A Linux live CD/USB for older, slower computers, in Spanish, Galician and English.
  • KaOS | A lean KDE Distribution
    A highly specialized Arch-based KDE distro for 64bit computers. Its installation ISO (can be burned to DVD or written to USB, and also installed to USB, but the latter didn't work for me) is also its live-medium image. The live medium has a recent version of the Calligra suite, but neither Kate nor Kjots.
  • Chakra
    A specialized Arch-based KDE distro, much like KaOS (its instructions for installing to USB are identical) but older.

Medical stuff: I would have called this "health", but for the enormous amount of internet quackery.

Miscellaneous URLs:
  • - a site emulating old browsers, to see what a particular webpage would have looked like in, say, the first ever version of Netscape.
  • - the site of J-POP, the organisation hosting the yearly Dutch anime convention of the write-ups on the AniMisc page.

For links on how to make KiSS sets, see KiSS info and tutorials. For Sim links, see the links section of the Sims Support Page. For some plant and garden links, see the pages under Homegrown at the bottom of the Animisc page.

Links policy:
(applies to both this page and abovementioned link-intensive pages)

Frequent visitors may have noticed many dead links in my pages. This has three reasons. Firstly, I simply don't check my links very often. Secondly, sites can be temporarily down for many reasons. (I also used to get false "dead links" because my dialup internet connection was bad, but changing to ADSL has solved that.) When I come across a link that seems dead, I'll add a "possibly dead" warning, rather than remove it.

I also don't, generally, ask site owners' permission before linking to their site. It has come to my attention that Japanese site owners, for one, do expect this. My apologies to anyone whose site has been linked to against their wish; if you want a link to your site removed, please mail me. For the moment, I've decided to link to any site that has also been linked to from elsewhere, without asking.

Lastly, for easier maintenance, I point most links on the site to the relevant section in this links list.


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