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Last update: 15-01-2022


This is where the old theme pages go. (And any other bulky stuff.)

When this page went up (and server space was still limited) my intention was to put up old theme pages three at a time, the oldest theme page being automatically discarded after a year. But since most theme pages so far have been fitted into one of the galleries after their showcase period, I can use this space for all those that haven't. So, Easter Eggs (the first theme page) went back up, Galactors unmasked stayed up, and the Old Quotes page was added for any new main page quotes, although updates have gone from quarterly to biennial to "whenever".

SimGatch Part IV

Chapter 7: New life, new friends
Chapter 8: Outfits

SimGatch Part III

Chapter 5: Home, but not happy
Chapter 6: Small world... and money makes it go round

SimGatch Part II

Chapter 3: At the house of the stars
Chapter 4: It's never over

SimGatchPart I

Chapter 1: G-Force comes up for air
Chapter 2: Gatchaman under cover


Ethnicity in Gatch - Part V

Ethnicity in Gatch - Part IV

Ethnicity in Gatch - Part III

Ethnicity in Gatch - Part II

Ethnicity in Gatch Part I

(Gatch) Skins/skinnables

Rel. icons in Gatch

Goon abuse

Galack X's favorite sport

Gatch scans

Galactors unmasked

Easter Eggs

Old Quotes

The Crypt

All these pages are image-intensive.

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