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The history page tells me there hasn't been a proper update in close to seven years. Nor will there ever be a proper update again, I fear. That's what an untreated (because "harmless") gut parasite will do to a person. There was a faint glimmer of hope when a treatment only available in Australia also became available in London, two continents closer to home, but firstly the London practice needs a positive triple-sample feces test, which only works when the parasite feels like shedding (and was no longer available in my country, last time I checked), and, for a tied second and third place: coronavirus and Brexit. On a side note, I hope the coronavirus mutates into ever deadlier forms and ends humanity. That's what watching a preventable disease become a raging pandemic through the willful stupidity of millions will do to a person.

Having shared that, some updates are necessary. Having Animecon after Animecon cancelled due to the extreme Dutch anger at the slight inconvenience of lockdowns (I suppose that, in the event of a bombing, they would consider entering a bomb shelter to be a heinous infringement on their freedoms) I might finally write up the last one that I attended. The seed sellers list needs an update, because one of the seed sellers has died of cancer, and many others are affected by Brexit, COVID-19, and the brutal attack on the US Postal Service by an orange gasbag and his cronies. The summary is: don't order from the USA unless you're unfortunate enough to live there, in which case, don't order from any other country. Ditto, of course, for England.

What I did order from the USA - through Amazon, no less (ugh) - was the three seasons of the satirical series Our Cartoon President, for the very good reasons that the series was made there, and tears Amazon a new one. It also provides me with seven quotes, one for each missed year.

Another much-needed update is ditching the Nature Page. Those VHS tapes of nature documentaries that have been sitting close to thirty years in boxes waiting to be digitalized, are likely faded to blankness, and my enthusiasm for nature documentaries in general got a kick in the gut from the fascistoid BBC documentary about mammals being a "winning design", that it never really recovered from. Besides, the BBC sells its documentaries on DVD, last time I checked, which was a long, long time ago; I haven't watched TV in fifteen years, and it is heaven.

Over the decades, this website's purpose changed from providing Gatchaman fans with video captures from the show to documenting hobbies, sharing information and general griping. Since Kagaku Ninja Tai Gatchaman is a show from the 1970s that few will remember anyway, I felt obliged to add an explanation to the KatzeMania page, and make teensy changes here and there in the Gatchaman galleries. The frames-using BK quiz might have worked as a no-frames version in older, more forgiving browsers, but doesn't anymore, so I rewrote it and made a separate no-frames version. While I was there, I also updated the Gatchaman links, and stressed on the Simania page that it's about the now-forgotten original Sims, not the versions that followed. (Boy, this site is old. The first pages that went up still have meta tags to describe them as "text/html".)

I'm also trying to make the HTML code of these pages less bad, while still wiping my arse with whatever new HTML standards the World Wide Web Consortium comes up with, and writing a how-I so I don't forget what I changed, and why. To make it more clear which pages haven't been updated for decades, I'm adding "Created" and "Last update" dates to pages. (Changing HTML and removing the Nature Page button will not count as updates.) And of course, there's always time for rants.

Interim update 15-01-2022: refreshed the DOS page and its links after I found a remaining dead link to (RIP 2013). Apparently, specifying image sizes makes pages load faster, so I'm going through all pages to add those. (Also: more HTML cleanup that doesn't count as a proper update.) The links-related how-I is finished, various how-I links are being organized in blocks, and the main Links page (see button) is being updated bit by bit.

Interim update 28-08-2023: made new tiny Morrowind mod: Skill-training progress.

Interim update 08-09-2023: uploaded tiny Morrowind mod: It's Paralysis!.

Why kick a country when it's down, that is to say, why be mean to Americans when they "reformed themselves" by voting for Nice Old Joe? Because, while I'm sure Joe Biden is very nice in person, politically he's not great, and there were plenty of better candidates who were shunned by voters for being too coloured/woman/both. Besides, I remember when Americans "reformed themselves" after Bush the Anti-Terrist by voting for Obama, a rare example of an American president who wasn't a complete disgrace, and then, thinking that all was forgiven and forgotten, followed up with Trump. To me, Americans will be for evermore The Deplorables, a goldmine for comedians, and a painful reminder that comedy is a coping strategy.

All quotes taken from Our Cartoon President seasons 1 to 3, deliberately omitting the sight and sound of a character that the world has seen enough of, thank you very much.

Season 1, episode 1: after cartoon Trump has stomped off because his generals wouldn't even let him start a nuclear war to increase his poll numbers (bear in mind Trump actually tried this with North Korea), their reactions serve to remind that the events of January 6, 2021 were something anyone could have seen coming.

Season 1, episode 6: political reptilian Ted Cruz runs on expressing the wishes and opinions of red-blooded True Americans, which is also why American children want bullet-proof backpacks for their birthday. And no, that was not a joke.

Season 1, episode 9: this may just be my favourite quote of the whole series.

Season 2, episode 2, press conference at the White House: remember when Trump wanted "wall", a disastrous project with ample helpings of grift and fraud on the side, caused an unnecessary but damaging government shutdown to get his way, seemed to reconsider, but then insisted after all because two screechy shit-stirrers on Fox bad-mouthed him for "caving"?

Season 3, episode 16: make fun of the one stupid person in the room, and Americans will demand that everyone else be made fun of too, for "balance". As a result, the series parodies all politicians equally, grossly exaggerating the "lefties" while only scratching the surface for the wingnuts. Hear cartoon Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's plans for the Democrat future, and keep in mind that the real AOC doesn't actually want to kill anyone, even though she regularly receives credible death threats.

Season 3, episode 17: the series' producers probably assessed correctly why voters chose Joe over more intelligent and better prepared (but coloured/woman/both) candidates.

Season 3, epsode 18: from your mouth to my ears, cartoon former president. And a reminder why the Trump presidency happened at all.

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